Virtual Meeting Held in Accordance with Public Act 254 of 2020
Zoom Virtual Meeting
Meeting ID: 399-700-0062 / Password: LCBOC

 "The mission of Livingston County is to be an effective and efficient steward in delivering services within the constraints of sound fiscal policy.  Our priority is to provide mandated services which may be enhanced and supplemented to improve the quality of life for all who work, reside and recreate in Livingston County."

  1. Berrien County Resolution B2102151 Calling Upon the Governor to Implement a Regional Approach to Mitigation.
  2. Crawford County Resolution 2252021 Supporting Local Business
  3. Iron County Resolution 20210208 in Support of Waiving Fees for Licenses/Permits for Small Business Servicing the Public
  4. Otsego County Resolution No. OCR 21-08 Pandemic Resolution
  1. Minutes of Meeting Dated: February 22, 2021
  2. Minutes of Meeting Dated: March 3, 2021
  3. Minutes of Closed Session Dated: March 3, 2021


Dianne McCormick, Public Health Officer/Health Department Director

Nathan Burd, County Administrator

Resolutions 2021-03-030 through 2021-03-034

Resolution Authorizing an Amendment to the Existing Lease Agreement with The Regents of The University of Michigan – Emergency Medical Services

Resolution Authorizing the Removal of Food Service License Fees for the Year 2021- Health Department

Resolution Authorizing the Purchase of a Leased Sheriff’s Vehicle from Enterprise Fleet Management for Transfer to MMRMA Insurance - Car Pool

Resolution Authorizing Capital Expenditure for the Purchase of Six Replacement Buses - LETS

Resolution of Intent to Apply for Financial Assistance for Fiscal Year 2022 Under Act 51 of the Public Acts of 1951, as Amended - LETS

Resolution Authorizing support for participation in filing Michigan concerns regarding FCC 911 fee diversion NPRM – 911 Central Dispatch