Virtual Meeting Held in Accordance with Public Act 228 of 2020
Zoom Virtual Meeting
Meeting ID: 399-700-0062 / Password: LCBOC

 "The mission of Livingston County is to be an effective and efficient steward in delivering services within the constraints of sound fiscal policy.  Our priority is to provide mandated services which may be enhanced and supplemented to improve the quality of life for all who work, reside and recreate in Livingston County."

  1. Minutes of Meeting Dated: November 9, 2020
  2. Minutes of Meeting Dated: November 18, 2020


Nathan Burd

Adoption of the 2021 Livingston County Budget

Motion required.

Motion required.

Resolution 2020-11-270

Resolution Authorizing a Contract with Community Mental Health for Inmate Mental Health Services 2021 - Jail

Resolutions 2020-11-271 through 2020-11-273

Resolution Adopting the 2021 Livingston County Operating Budget – Board of Commissioners

Resolution to Authorize a Mid-Fourth Quarter Budget Amendment to the Fiscal-Year 2020 Budget – Fiscal Services

Resolution Authorizing the Reorganization of the Drain Department – Drain Commissioner

Resolution Approving an Appointment to the Livingston County Community Mental Health Authority Board - Board of Commissioners

Resolution Authorizing the County Treasurer to Suspend Enhanced Access Fees for Livingston Live (Webtecs) Online Transactions - Treasurer